Alapaha Bulldog Registry

Hello and welcome to the official page for the Alapaha Bulldog Registry. For quite some time the Alapaha Blue-blood Bulldog has been divided by it's classes; Bully and Classic, due to the different lines and variations in sizes and builds. The Alapaha Bulldog Registry is the first breed-exclusive registry that unites both classes together as one, thus creating one standard that incorporates them both.

The goal of the Alapaha Bulldog Registry is to unite all Alapahas and their owners, to further improve the breed. We promote health testing your stock and encouarge everyone to test their animals. We have founded the ABR with the intent of conducting ourselves with an exceedingly high level of professionalism and honesty. We want to deter away from all of the negativity and stay on a clear path to bettering the breed as a whole. It is in our best interest to preserve the working abilities the Alapaha Blue-blood Bulldog possesses and was bred to do. Whether it be hunting, farm work or protection work, the Alapaha is a very smart, agile and instinctively protective breed and they strive to please their masters. They can do just about anything that is asked of them (with training, of course).


Part of our mission is to have events where all dogs can compete. It is our firm belief that the right balance between performance and conformation results in healthier, happier dogs for everyone to enjoy. We are proud that we are sharing the same philosophy with our growing number of dedicated breeders and owners. We have an exemplary turnaround time with registration and also have the option to have a digital image emailed to you as well. In addition to our dog registry, we are allowing out crosses to other lines that date back to some of the founding lines in the Alapaha Blue-blood Bulldog such as; OSB and WEBs. By doing this it helps to expand the gene pool and to also keep intact the workability of the breed.



We have certified professional judges at our sanctioned shows and welcome Alapahas of all registries to participate in our events. We allow dual registering with other registries as well.


We are now in partnership

with Embark

There is special pricing for all ABR registered owners. Each dog who is tested through Embark is also eligible for 50 points towards their championship.


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