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ABR Approved Transporters


We are proud to establish our first approved transporter for the lower 48 states. All ABR breeders and owners can receive a 10% discount when using this transporter. All you’ll have to do is show him your ABR paperwork to receive the discount.

Earnest Bowen
(405) 887-2961'
Valhalla Kennel & Transport | Facebook

My name is Earnest Bowen. I’m a breeder of American Bulldogs at Great Hall Kennels. I’ve been in this breeding game for 12yrs. I’ve spent most of my time learning before breeding. All I’ve learned for breeding and for having love for my dogs. Yours will receive the same care and attention mine get while on board with us. We provide a safe and secure ride for your pups/dogs. All pups/dogs will arrive clean and full of life. While in route to their new homes we share our GPS and also before they get home we stay in constant contact with the breeder and buyer. Comfort to both parties is one of the things we pride our work on. For any of your needs please feel free to call or text me.


***APPROVED TRANSPORTERS DISCLAIMER*** Approved Transporters  are provided as a convenient reference for owners and breeders seeking transportation by professionals. It remains solely the owner’s or breeder’s responsibility to screen the transporter to verify their qualifications and determine their suitability for their own particular needs to transport their Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. All Approved transporters are independently owned and operated. Alapaha Bulldog Registry does not guarantee any services provided by approved transporters and cannot be held liable for claims or damages arising from services rendered or from agreements between either an owner(s) or a breeder(s) and the transporter.

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